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World Music & Dance Explorations & Integrations

Programs Detail

Residency Programs:

The World of Music
(PreK – 5)

An extension of The World Music Concert assembly program, this residency is normally conducted as a 5-day program for elementary schools in which Tim works along with your school’s general music teacher and schedule. The workshops are geared to hands-on instrument playing, movement activities, folk tunes and musical games.

The Kenya Project
(Grades 3 – 5)

This program offers an immersion into East African life through music, dance, games and other hands-on workshops. The Kenya Project is offered as a 2-day program for a single grade that concludes with a school-wide assembly, but it can be extended to include other grades and additional days. Click program title for additional details.

Arts Integration Programs:

Please note that Tim Gregory specializes in creating arts integration programs for your school, based on your curricular needs. The following examples offer some basic insights into the kinds of workshops that Tim has conducted over the years. Most of them are geared towards a single 45 – 60 min. workshop, but any can be extended into multiple day residencies.

Global Geography: A World Wind Tour
(Grades 2 – 6)

Tim makes stops around the globe and demonstrates unique aerophones (wind instruments) such as the Australian didjeridoo, the Indian snake charmer and the Polynesian nose flute, while exploring the continents and their countries and regions.

Circles: A “Crash” Course
(Grades 6 & 7)

After being introduced to processional music of Indonesia, students then work with the cymbals and gongs they played for activities, which explore the elements, circumference and area of circles.

The Wisdom of Africa
(Grades 6 – 8)

A language arts and social studies based program where Tim shows how proverbs are used in Sub Saharan Africa. Students are engaged in movement and word games related activities.

Frolicking Folklore
(Grades 4 – 6)

Folk tales from around the world are explored through folk dance in this language arts based program.

“Volk” Dance Variations
(Professional Development)

This is a popular workshop that Tim has conducted at 21st Century Learning Skills seminars and professional development workshops. User-friendly ways of integrating dance and movement into classroom curriculum is emphasized.

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