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The Joy I Feel

The music of East Africa often reflects the joyful spirit of the people and this medley serves as a great example.

Karibuni (Plural form of karibu, meaning welcome, in Swahili)

I was greeted with this song by the women of the Agape Mulala Cultural Tour - Meru people living at the base of Mt. Meru in Tanzania. I created a promo video for Agape using this song and highly recommend visiting them if you’re ever in Arusha, Tanzania.

Muyo (Joy in Kikamba)

I originally heard children singing this song while running around on a playground in Wamunyu, Kenya. My arrangement was the result of me teaching this song to Katumbu, an adult choir based in Kitui, Kenya.

Liwaya (Come What May in Swahili, also from Wamunyu, Kenya)

I have recorded Liwaya more than any other song over my years of research and it is still one of my favorites. I have countless lines for the A Section but chose “Shule yetu yaenda mbele kwa upande wa masomo, oh liwaya” - Our school keeps progressing through education, oh come what may. As going to school is a privilege in East Africa, I use this line to remind the students with whom I work in the U.S. how privileged they are.

Kenya sing and dance sheet music cover


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The Joy I Feel: Field Recording

The Joy I Feel: ACDA Performance

Performed at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center by the 5 - 7 Treble Honor Choir
at the ACDA SW Conference in Dallas, TX, 2012.
Many thanks to Conductor Dr. Angela Broeker for including this medley in the program.

Used with permission from ViaMedia Productions, Inc. Contact:

The Joy I Feel: ACDA Rehearsal

The ACDA Treble Honor Choir in their final rehearsal for the performance
at the Meyerson Symphony Center.

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