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Kenyan Dances

Moving while singing is common throughout East Africa, especially in Wamunyu, Kenya where these songs were collected. The ethnic group of this region is Kamba, who along with their hospitality are known for their humor, as reflected in Wacheze Kidogo. If Kamba people can make you laugh, then they feel that they have really made you feel welcome (even more so if you dance with them). All the songs are in Swahili.

Twaingia (Here We Come!)

A popular entrance song in Wamunyu for the students, or in this version “muziki” (musicians/dancers).

Wacheze Kidogo (Dance a Little)

May our friends greet you with funny dance moves, and make you laugh!

Kwaheri (Farewell)

An exit song showcasing East African dance moves.


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Kenyan Dances: Field Recording

Kenyan Dances: Blake Middle School Choristers

Blake Middle School Choristers, Minneapolis, MN
Dan LeJeune, Director

Kenyan Dances: U.S. Performance

Vienna Elementary School Chorus, Vienna, VA
David Lee Reynolds, Jr, Director

Kenyan Welcome Songs

The Joy I Feel