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Kenyan Welcome Songs

I have archived an extensive library over the years and welcoming songs is by far my largest category - a sincere reflection of the incredibly hospitable nature of the local people. It is common practice for the children to include the visitor’s names in the songs, as in the field recordings. In my arrangements, I have modified the songs to welcome visitors and guests in general. All songs in this medley are in Swahili.

Karibu Wageni (Welcome Visitors)

This is a popular song that children quite often begin singing while visitors are approaching.

Siku Ya Leo (This Day)

Words of celebration and happiness make up the essence of this exciting song.

Wako Wapi? (Where Are You?)

This singers ask, “Where are you? We need to see you!”, in this song, indicating that while they may not have met you before, they’ve missed you all the same. A simplified version of this song appears in Kenya Sing & Dance.

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Kenyan Welcome Songs: Field Recording

Kenyan Welcome Songs: OAKE Performance

Performed at DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC by the National Youth Choir
at the OAKE Conference, March ’09, conducted by Dan LeJeune.
Used with permission from Image One Media. Contact:

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